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Apex's Driving School Philosophy


Being a new driver comes with great responsibility. You are not just responsible for yourself; the responsibility includes your vehicle, your passengers, and the other cars and drivers on the road. Only practical driving experiences behind the wheel will allow you to gain the knowledge and know-how to deal with everyday driving situations - giving you the foundation to become a safe driver for life.

The instructors at Apex's Driving School are committed to teaching our students how to be the safest drivers possible. All our instructors go through extensive background checks, complete state requirements, and are former police officers - ensuring that you, or your loved one, will be receiving the most up-to-date techniques, information and safe driving standards. Our students are taught the dangers of the road, the dangers in the car, how to avoid distractions, the latest driving laws, and the key components of safe driving.

Being a new driver can be scary. Let Apex's Driving School help you develop the confidence to get behind the wheel and be the next great driver on the road.

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What does it take to be a
Apex Driving School Instructor?


Cantor's Driving School instructors in action All Apex's Driving School instructors License by the State of Texas. Every instructor must complete Texas's driving instructor training and pass the test to become a Texas State Driving Instructor.

Apex's Driving School License

Apex's Driving School is licensed by the State of Texas, Texas Department of Licensing and Reguation (TDLR). Apex's Driving School is fully insured and bonded.
Driving School License
# C1478



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